Bullish Craft Beer

About Us

Our tale begins in South Africa, the land of the bullish mindset. The land where success and ambition run deep. As a matador of crafted beer, we set out to create a brand with a proud product that is now referred to as the “mother-land.” We made bold moves and produced a beast that is brewed upon greatness. Our pride lies in the promise of quality in every headstrong and confident bottle.

And now you get to experience the dedication, commitment and hard-work that goes into every magnificent BULLiSH Craft Beer. From the never-stop-working professionals, to those who prefer to unwind with friends and family over a favorite meal, BULLiSH Craft Beer brings out the bull in each one of you, to continue the legacy of achievement, victory and reflection that we have patiently harnessed over time.

For every BULLiSH moment a new bold move is bread.